Crew was happily ‘petting’ whale & her calf—suddenly the giant momma’s trick surprises them

This group of whale watchers had an unforgettable close encounter with a mother whale and her calf. They get the best surprise from the mother whale right before she dives back down.

Whale-watching trips are a wonderful educational experience for children and adults. You may spend hours on the boat though and not get a chance to see any whales. When you do, one can’t help but to get excited seeing these majestic animals in real life.

The sheer size of these oceanic creatures alone is astounding. So imagine how incredible it would be to get up close and touch these gentle giants.

For this small group of whale watchers, they had that opportunity. A mother gray whale and her calf have come up beside the boat in arm’s reach of the people. The group can be seen caressing both whales as much as possible, making the most of the encounter. And when it was time for the whales to go, the mother whale bid the whale watchers adieu in the best way possible.

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