Criminal thinks he’s about to rob an innocent woman but vigilant street dog chases him down

Dogs are known for being loyal, protective, and unconditionally loving, and that proved to ring true once again when a woman was saved by a stray dog after a man attempted to rob her in broad daylight.

The viral 32-second clip, presumably captured on a surveillance camera in Podgorica–the capital of Montenegro, shows a hooded man following an unsuspecting woman down the street before he grabs her bags and pushes her to the ground, attempting to rob her.

The fearless pup quickly takes notice and attacks the criminal, snapping at his behind and ankles as he chases him away.

Comments on Facebook say the street dog could sense the man had bad intentions as he walked by, sniffing his feet and following him for a few seconds before leaping to the woman’s defense.

Many comments also expressed hoped the woman rewarded the courageous canine with a forever home and a big juicy bone.