Dad, secretly disguised as ‘Beast,’ makes daughter the ‘Belle of the Ball’ on her 3rd birthday

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little girl named Gianna who dreamed to become Disney Princess Belle. So, her father went to great lengths to make her dream come true.

Gianna, 3, lives in Valrico, Florida, with her brothers and parents—Josh and Jasmin Betschner.

The little girl loves the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” very much. She was so obsessed with Princess Bella that everything in her life centered around her, from notebooks, bedsheets, dresses, to toys.

In fact, Gianna always imagined herself to be Princess Belle.

And her dream to be Princess Belle became a reality when her dad, Josh, did something special on her 3rd birthday.

On that special day, guests were in awe as Gianna made a surprise entrance into the room at the Valrico Recreation Center, dressing up as Princess Belle.

The beautiful Gianna wore a shiny tiara and an adorable yellow dress adorned with bows.

Holding her little hands was none other than Beast!

Together with Beast, Gianna twirled and swayed to the song “Beauty and the Beast,” while her mom, Jasmin, recorded the dazzling moment.

The couple re-enacted the magical ballroom dance scene from the movie in front of family and friends.

Guess who was the man behind the Beast mask? Yes, it was Josh! The girl’s father secretly transformed himself into Beast to make his precious daughter a real princess on her birthday.

According to WFLA, Josh revealed his identity at the end of the dance, and his happy daughter gave him a big hug. Jasmin had to stop filming because she was emotional.

Thanks to her loving father, Gianna had a fairy-tale birthday, which she will retell to her friends for many years to come.

Watch to see this Disney-theme daddy-daughter dance.

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