Dad is trying to wake daughter up for school—but listen to what comes out of his mouth

Many parents struggle to get their young children up out of bed and ready on time for school every morning and this dad from Marina, California is no stranger to the daily battle.

David Meyer recorded a how-to guide for waking up a 5-year-old child after mastering the technique on his own daughter, Fuyu.

In about six minutes, David has his daughter up and ready to start the day thanks to his brilliant, playful methods. In this short video, he shows parents of other heavy sleepers how to successfully get them out of bed with a smile using a variety of hilarious techniques, including singing, shaking, character impersonations, and pillow fights.

First, he enters the room and opens the blinds to let in the light—which wakes up their cat who starts meowing loudly, but not 5-year-old Fuyu. David walks over to her bedside with his hands on his hips and after taking a seat beside her, starts by giving his daughter a gentle nudge on the shoulders with a soft “good morning.”

When that fails to work, he proceeds to step two: ‘the wake-up song’– a Sesame Street character duet! In his best Elmo, Bert, and Ernie voice, he sings to the little girl while rocking her whole body back in forth.

When she doesn’t budge, David decides to try a bit of ‘exercise’–which he says works wonders, moving his daughter’s arms back and forth while counting to ten. Though Fuyu joins in on the counting, she still refuses to get out of bed, leading David to step four: the shaky shake–which is exactly what it sounds like.

He then brings out his friend ‘Crazy Hairy’ who likes to ‘blow things up’ and starts a gentle pillow fight with his daughter, grabbing a handful of pillows and dropping them over the sleepy five-year-old. He warns viewers that your child has to be in the right mood for this technique to work. Eventually Fuyu sits up giggling and says “good morning.”

‘The techniques seen here have proven the most effective, particularly the character voices and the “Crazy Harry” bit,” David said.