Dad’s about to see daughter in her wedding dress for the first time—but watch his epic reaction

When the big day comes and a Father sees who was at one time his little girl, now ready to walk down the aisle, composure can be in short supply, and deep-seated feeling can come bubbling up to the surface.

This footage captures the intensity of that feeling, showing fathers glimpsing their daughters in their wedding dresses for the first time—and it’s enough to soften the hearts of the strongest of men.

Each of these fathers share something in common. Each appears to be completely and genuinely caught off guard with the stunning sight of their own child—now a woman.

The sight of their little girl about to take her biggest step away from home, and the sight of celebration of that moment cause heart-felt emotion to overflow. These strong men all find themselves in tears, seeing how beautiful they are.

The compilation video was created by Dave Tebbutt, a professional videographer, and it features his work.

The once-in-a-lifetime moments caught in this compilation are truly heartwarming and more than worthy of sharing.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Dave Tebbutt