Daughter loves playing with dad’s beard. But when he shaves it off, she can’t recognize him

Ask a child to identify their dad and they will say it is an easy task. But what happens if Dad changes his appearance? Watch this little girl’s reaction in the video when Dad comes to play and he’s got a new look.

Growing facial hair can change a man’s appearance easily. If that is the case, the same can be said vice versa too for a man who always has facial hair and then shaves it off.

The little girl in this video is named Autumn, and she loves playing with her dad and tugging on his beard.

Autumn has never seen her dad without his beard.

One day, he decides to shave it off, and as you’ll see, her response to seeing him with a naked face is pretty priceless. He looks totally different!

Watch her reaction when she sees Dad without a beard for the first time. Does she even recognize him?

Video Credit: Facebook | CONTENTbible

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