Dog starts chasing cat playfully—Then cat suddenly channels powers from the beyond, hilarious!

People generally think of dogs when they picture guard animals, with fierce growls and vicious bites to intruders and other household threats.

For this New Zealand-based household, though, it may very well be their cat that lays down the law!

Meet Monty, the absolutely fierce looking house cat that no one wants to mess with. He may be small and unassuming in stature, with simple brown fur—but one look at his eyes and you’ll immediately surrender any holdings you had over him.

It appears that Monty’s owners have come to accept the darker side of their feline friend, laughing at his antics and dedicating an entire Instagram account to his ever-so-serious looks.

Their dog, though, may not quite be on board!

Joking that this video is “proof that Monty is, in fact, the devil cat,” his family filmed this interaction between him and the family pup that may haunt the poor pooch’s dreams for years to come.

The internet is full of videos where owners found their cats tormenting their dogs—and Monty, sure enough, joins the ranks with his aggressive approach and refusal to back down.

Just wait until the end, though. If this look doesn’t send a chill down your spine, we’re not sure what will!

Source: ©Instagram Video Screenshot | @momonty1