Men fishing in the ocean make the biggest catch of their lives!

Captain Ben Chancey is known for his extreme fishing trips and has some pretty impressive catches under his belt, including 600-pound Goliath groupers and 1,000-pound sharks. In 2003, he started Chew On This Cape Coral — a fishing charting company for the willing and adventurous, new and experienced anglers in Cape Coral, Florida.
The fisherman has caught giant fish on just about everything including paddle boards, kayaks, floats, tubes, ultra skiffs, bay boats, flats boats, sport fishers, and even gheenoes. Needless to say, Captain Ben is no stranger to highly difficult and dangerous fishing.
However, it was on a small canoe where one of  his most intense fishing trips took place when he and fellow Chew On This Captain Jon Black reeled in the craziest catch of all time.
The two men were out in the middle of the ocean, and according to the cameraman, being closely followed by four sharks when suddenly a giant Goliath grouper half the size of the canoe flipped them over, tossing the men in the water. Despite being capsized though, Captain Ben, like a pro, manages to hold onto the huge fish and reels it in good after climbing onto the larger boat.