Family forced into isolation due to daughter’s disease—2yrs later, they get life-changing call

This clip captures the heartwarming moment when these parents learn that there’s still a slice of hope for their dying child.

Cara and Glenn O’Neill receive an important phone call about whether their daughter, Eliza, who has been suffering from Sanfilippo syndrome, can be accepted into a life-saving clinical trial.

Both are very hopeful, but their nervousness is apparent as they listen to the result that they have been waiting for.

The news is positive, and upon hearing it, Cara is unable to contain her tears of joy, while Glenn smiles knowing that their daughter will be saved.

After isolating themselves to keep Eliza safe from viruses and raising funds for 726 days to cure her of Sanfilippo syndrome, finally, there’s a great chance for Cara and Glenn that their daughter will live life to the fullest.

Video Credit: Cure Sanfilippo Foundation.