Family rescued deaf and blind Great Dane, now she’s a loyal guardian to her cute toddler owner

This deaf and partially blind Great Dane was scheduled to be put down in 2014 by her previous owner. Fortunately, she got adopted into a loving home and found an adorable newborn baby girl as her new owner.

The sweet little Jennie has been with her loyal Great Dane named Echo since birth. The toddler has formed a unique bond with her loving pooch. Marion Dwyer, Jennie’s mother, shared that the pair is almost inseparable.

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Dwyer told 11Alive that Echo was rescued from Louisiana when she was just a puppy, almost two and a half years before Jennie’s birth.

“She was 12 weeks old and was 15 pounds underweight and had a belly full of rocks,” Dwyer told 11Alive. “We took her to the vet and he said this is very common in dogs that don’t get fed, that are neglected and they develop pica and she was literally trying to eat everything.”

She recalled how Echo used to snuggle up to her baby bump, and when Jennie was born, the Great Dane always stayed near the baby.

The family owns two other Great Danes and communicates with their hearing-impaired Echo via animal’s sign language, and Jennie has learned some signs by mimicking them.

“She will wave Echo over to her when she wants her to come and she knows how to offer her a treat, she likes to sneak her breakfast waffles and apple slices,” Dwyer said, according to a report by MailOnline.

“Jennie loves to walk Echo who has learned that Jennie’s pace is a lot slower than mine, which she enjoys as she can do two of her favourite things: sniff things and people-watch,” Dwyer said.

The Great Dane is also very protective of her toddler owner. Dwyer said, “If a stranger with a dog approaches she will stand or sit in front of Jennie to shield her, but not showing any aggression—just making sure she’s safe.”

The mother said that the duo makes the “perfect team as Jennie is very independent and a curious little explorer.”

This unlikely bond has warmed the hearts of many people across the world. Echo is indeed a sweet loyal pet, and she seems to be thanking the family in her own way for saving her life!

Watch the cute Echo and adorable little Jennie in the video below:


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