Dad and daughter dress up like ‘Beauty & the Beast’—when music starts playing, it’s unbelievable

Claire Ryann Crosby is just like any other four-year-old girl. She’s a huge fan of Disney, loves to sing, and does a mean Mrs. Potts impression from the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Unlike most four-year-olds, though, Claire Ryann has a musician as a dad – and between her singing and his industry know-how, they’ve been able to create the cutest Disney song cover in the world.

Dave Crosby, Claire’s father, has been making his daughter’s dreams come true with professionally-made music videos for her adorably excellent song covers, ranging from ‘The Little Mermaid’ tunes to pop numbers like Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’.

This time, the pair managed to recreate the ‘Tale as Old as Time’ tune in an absolutely perfect setting – and with some heart-melting help in tow.

The Crosbys filmed the video at the historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington, recreating the ambiance from the original Disney film perfectly while Claire belts out one of the most iconic songs in princess history.

She isn’t alone, though; while mom Ashley normally helps behind-the-scenes and keeps an eye on younger brother Carson, both mom and brother make an appearance in the song with costumes and characters all their own.

Something tells us she’ll look back on these moments with a full heart for years to come!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot |  Dave Crosby || Claire Ryann Crosby