This little girl giving her grandpa a house tour over the phone is so cute

What’s one thing that happens shortly after you or someone you know moves into a new home? If you guessed “show photos of it to their friends and family,” you’d be right. Moving into a new home can be an exciting time, so it makes sense for people to want to show off their new house.

This little girl, who has a future as a realtor, was so excited when her family moved into a new house that she just had to give a tour of it to her grandpa.

She did an excellent job describing all of the rooms she visited.

She even took the time to point out a hall closet, which is excellent for storing boxes and jackets.

The realtor in the making spent a lot of time on the family room area, making sure to show grandpa the couch, pillows, and table.

It’s a good thing that grandpa has a good imagination and a lot of patience because while the little girl thought she was on a video call with her grandpa she actually only had him on speakerphone. Oops!

Source: Little girl “shows” grandpa new home during phone call by jesellers on Rumble