Girl does model-volcano experiment, but when she goes to add vinegar, it goes terribly wrong

Grade school science projects are arguably the saving grace of having to put up with six years of playing “heads up, seven up” and learning to navigate the Dewy Decimal System. And the girl in this video seems to be enjoying her opportunity to take a break from normal homework as she enthusiastically works to reconstruct the classic baking soda volcano experiment that models a volcanic eruption. But how it ends will only have you erupting in laughter.

The girl in the video is seen excitedly preparing her mini-volcano for her experiment. She carefully adds baking soda to her volcano, wiping off the excess that accidentally spills over the side. Now, it’s time for vinegar.

When she carefully lifts the large vinegar container, arm extended above her head, she attempts to let just enough of the acidic liquid drop while bulls-eyeing the small volcano crater. But before she can let out even a single drop, the experiment goes catastrophically wrong.

Watch what happens when what should have been a simple experiment ends with the young lady literally on the floor, soaked in vinegar. We can only assume she was okay afterward! Which seems to make our laughter a little less guilt-ridden.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin