Guy kayaks to tall bridge in middle of water—but after he climbs off, netizens are panicking

When experienced climbers face a smooth vertical surface, they use gears and ropes to make the climb safer. After all, a fall could cripple or fatally wound them!

But one young man decided to test himself by free-climbing a bridge column and executing a spectacular dive off the underside of the structure.

His friend caught his attempt on camera, and the footage ended up getting a lot of attention online.

Some commenters were awed by the guts he displayed, while others were cringing at the potential danger of climbing up so high without any safety gears.

But nobody could deny that his backflip from the floor beam of the bridge was unforgettable!

Using a small boat to reach the base of the column, the man, clad only in jeans and a pair of barefoot shoes, started up the pipe attached to the concrete surface.

His free-solo climbing was amazing to watch. Although his hands skid on the metal of the pipe sometimes, he used the strength of his limbs to keep propelling him upwards.

He kept going until he reached a bend in the pipe, and had to climb directly on to the beam supporting the massive structure.

He found narrow ledges running along both sides of the beam, and used them to pull himself up against the underside, hanging with his back parallel to the water.

The man then crawled upside down until he was positioned between two columns and clear of the base of the bridge.

Then, letting his legs descend, he hung from the beam with just his hands.

Even as we assumed that he would let go, the man pulled up his legs again and performed a flawless backflip!

That’s when he finally let go and plunged into the water below.

His friend had slowly rowed the boat away to get a wider and angle, and the shot was perfectly captured for the internet to lose its mind over.

Now, regardless of whether his stunt was brave or foolhardy, this young man’s dexterity earned him a place in the internet’s archive. For years to come, it’ll be an example of what the human body can do without any help or gears.