HEARTWARMING footage—aged dog and young soldier’s REUNITE after being separated for 3.5 months

Home is where the heart is, and this aged dog’s home is clearly in his owner’s heart and vice-versa. This reunion between best mates in this sweet clip tugs at one’s heart strings.

She came back to Buddy—after being gone for three-and-a-half months completing basic combat training with the US Army in December. Buddy weeps for the joy he is feeling upon seeing his beloved owner. His body language conveys the message of: “I knew you would come back!” and “I missed you!” as he “gives paw”.

“I enlisted in the US Army and left for basic combat training in September,” said the unnamed owner.

“I graduated & moved onto my next duty station in Fort Sam Houston, TX for further training,

“I was blessed with the permission to go home for two weeks for Christmas. This is where I got to see my dog for the first time in 3.5 months,

Buddy is a 13-year-old Golden Retriever who has arthritis and is losing her hearing, though despite her old age was absolutely thrilled to see me and couldn’t even stay on her feet. I missed her dearly and hope I can see her again soon,” she posted on Newsflare.

As the soldier takes off her cap, her sweet pet lays his head upon her lap as a sign of his adoration. It’s unmistakably a deep and beautiful bond, which could only have been forged by love.

Another memorable Christmas will be spent together!

Watch the heart-warming footage here!

Images credit: Youtube Screenshot | Hannah Foraker