If you are a Harley Davidson fan, this mini racing bike is the perfect DIY for you

Harley Davidson is the dream bike of many, but it costs a fortune. Never mind, if you don’t have the ka-ching to buy one, instead why not create your own miniature racing bike out of coke cans?

This video will show you how to make your own bike with materials easily available at home. Now, this sounds like a perfect DIY plan!

What you need are mainly empty coke cans, a pair of scissors, a marker, some tape, a 9-volt battery, and a couple of other items.

So are you ready to make this amazing mini Harley Davidson bike?

The steps shown in the video are simple and easy to follow; you mostly need to cut the materials and stick them together with glue and tape.

Also, this is not your regular DIY stuff—in just a flip of its power switch, this mini bike is ready to go for a spin—as it runs on battery.

How cool is that?!

On a lighter note, this DIY bike isn’t just for you to admire the cute little replica and daydream when you’ll get your hands on the actual Harley Davidson, but it also functions like a toy that can entertain your kids.

Now if you’re ready to make this racing bike, then get your notes ready and watch this awesome video.

Video Credit: Facebook | Mr. Maker.

This is an impressive repair! He is a true artist!