Man boating offshore when he spots the most unlikely thing in the water

This man was coming in from an offshore trip in Key West, Florida when he noticed a strange shaped object floating in the distance. All he could see were multiple fins running down its back so he thought it was some sort of palm frond, but something about it just didn’t look right. He stopped the boat and noticed that it started swimming. That’s when he realized it was an iguana lost out at sea and called out to the poor little guy — “You lost or what?” The iguana desperately swam toward the kayak and tried to clamber on board. The kayaker helped him up using a paddle and offered him a ride back to shore — “hop on if you can.”

Once on board, the iguana needed a few minutes to catch its breath then settled down on top of a cooler in the backseat and prepared for the long trip back. Once the pair were safely seated, he turned on the boat and headed back to the mainland. When they got close to shore, he asked the reptile: “Any of this look familiar to ya?”

As the safety of the shrubs and small trees on the coastline came into view, the iguana hopped off the boat and swam to shore. He turned around to check on the iguana, waved goodbye, and went on his way.

The Key West kayaker had seen some iguanas swimming around the islands before, but was shocked to find one that far out. It’s unknown how the iguana ended up in the middle of the ocean but he thinks it’s likely the King tides got the little guy caught in one of the swift outgoing tides and pushed him out to sea. He was four miles from land when he spotted the lost lizard so it probably would have died out there had he not stopped and given him a ride back to shore.