Kid sticks his tongue frozen pole—needless to say he won’t be trying this again

Who doesn’t remember embarrassing themselves as a child? Getting into hilarious scrapes was how most of us developed common sense! But one little boy found out that life’s lessons can sometimes be quite painful when you get too curious.

From the beginning of time, children have been warned not to lick cold metal surfaces in winter. And since around the same period, children have gone ahead and licked the metal just to see what the fuss was all about.
It was a cold, winter morning, and a boy was playing in the park with his friends. His mother was close by, talking to other parents and keeping a casual eye on her kid. They came to the park often, so what could go wrong today?
Turns out, the little boy had a question in his mind, and he only needed his mother distracted for a minute to find out the answer.
Going up to one of the metal fixtures in the park, the boy stuck out his tongue and tried to find out what chilled metal tasted like.
Predictably, the saliva on the tongue instantly froze in contact with the sub-zero temperature of the metal, and the boy found himself stuck with no way to pull free.
As pain shot down his throat, the scared child started crying in panic. His mother hurried to help him but she had nothing at hand to free him with. His friends ran up to study the frozen tongue, wondering aloud why he would try something like that.
Thankfully, a bystander with a cup of hot chocolate came to their rescue. He asked the boy to keep his hands away from the metal surface and poured some of the liquid on the frozen tip of the tongue.
It took several tries, but finally, the hot liquid melted the ice and the boy sprang free with a chocolate coated tongue. The mixture of relief and embarrassment on his face was clear indication that he would never be repeating this experiment again.
And just like that, one little boy was made slightly wiser, and his friends and family gained a story to tease him with for the rest of his life.