This may be the happiest dog at this shelter, but one month ago she was unrecognizable

“This is Barilla’s story. We have never seen anything like it before. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky.”

Barilla was extremely malnourished when she was discovered two years ago by rescuers from Albergue de Animales Dog House, a rehabilitation center for abandoned and lost dogs in Granada, Spain. They had never seen such a severe case of malnourishment before.

Barilla’s rib cage, spine, hips, and just about every other bone were visibly poking out of her frail body. She lay on her belly with her legs to the sides–her limbs unable to support her upper body. She weighed only 16.5 pounds.

Besides wagging her tail and wiggling her ears, Barilla didn’t have strength to do much of anything else. She was so weak she could hardly move or even drink water on her own. Her kind rescuers had to keep her hydrated with the help of a syringe.

Day after day, they did their best to help her get back on her paws. 

Eventually Barilla began to gain weight and with that, the ability to stand on her legs and start walking.

Just one month of loving care and nearly 25 pounds later, Barilla is completely unrecognizable. She weighs just over 40 pounds now and is more healthy and energetic than ever before.

“She’s not the only fortunate one here. We’re fortunate too because she’s become part of the family and that is wonderful” said one of the kind souls that helped nourish Barilla back to health.

Barilla is easily one of the most enthusiastic dog the shelter’s ever seen–joyfully playing catch, chasing balls, and simply happy to be alive and loved.

The rescue and rehabilitation center encourages people to adopt their dogs but Barilla has become a part of their family and is now a permanent resident at Albergue de Animales Dog House in Granada, Spain.