Mama dog is expected to have 5 pups. But on the day of labor—‘when on earth is it going to stop’

Whilst Chihuahuas generally have litters of 1–3 puppies, 5–6 isn’t unheard of. The Chihuahua we’re going to introduce here, however, went way overboard and delivered a whopping litter of 10 puppies.

Dawn and Bill Slater have Chihuahuas, a collie terrier, and cats. When they found out that one of their Chihuahuas, Coco, was pregnant, they were extremely happy.

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They took her to a veterinarian, who was apparently satisfied with the physical condition of the dog. They were told to expect five pups from Coco.

On the day of the delivery, both Bill and Dawn were in for a big surprise, for Coco was planning to give birth to more than five puppies.

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When Coco was showing signs of her sixth pup, the owners were left wondering how many more were yet to come. They were shocked to see Coco continue to pop out more.

©Video Screenshot | Caters TV (Via Little Things)

“When we got to the ninth pup he wasn’t well, his bag had burst and we were trying to revive him. We thought to ourselves, this is just impossible, when on earth is it going to stop, when the tenth came out,” Bill told MailOnline.

©Video Screenshot | Caters TV (Via Little Things)

Fortunately, Coco didn’t face any serious complications during the delivery and recovered quickly. Meanwhile, the 10 pups were soon found forever homes where they will grow in the comfort of their new loving owners.

Watch the video below:

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