Man buys abandoned Boeing727 for $100,000 & converts it into home—check out the grand interior

Is this the ultimate man cave? Check out how this man converted a jet airliner into a viable living space.

Engineer Bruce Campbell bought an abandoned Boeing 727 for $100,000 from Athens airport in 1999. The plane was shipped to Oregon, where the wings had to be removed and reinstalled so the aircraft could be towed to the middle of a forest.

Bruce spent two decades converting the plane into fully functional living quarters. With 1,066 square feet of interior space, Bruce had plenty of room to work with.

The plane has a custom-built shower, two restrooms, and electricity. The wings serve as a deck and the cockpit is a reading room.

For Campbell, there are many reasons why a plane makes a great home, such as its durability, easy-to-clean interiors due to sealed pressure canisters keeping dust and insects out, and lots of storage space.

And of course, there is the more obvious reason. “It’s a great toy,” he told the Atlas Obscura. “Trick doors, trick floors. Hatches here, latches there.”

“Having lots of little toys is very fulfilling,” he added. “Having lots of little toys enclosed in a very big toy is nirvana.”