Man looking at museum screen when he suddenly falls to the floor. What he saw—it’s frightening

When most people see a ‘Touch At Your Own Risk’ sign above an aquarium that’s supposed to contain sharks among other huge and potentially terrifying sea creatures, they usually stop and think twice about tapping the glass.

Two friends were visiting the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C when curiosity got the best of one of them. Gregory Heinzmann couldn’t resist finding out what would happen if he obeyed the ominous warning.

He stared straight into the water and touched the aquarium-like screen several times, before immediately falling to the floor in terror as a virtual shark suddenly comes charging toward the ‘glass’, cracking it among impact.

Casey Peck said her friend “gets scared easily by anything” and took the opportunity to capture the moment on video. It’s since been viewed 2 million times on Youtube.