Man trying to roll garbage can up his icy driveway—when wife spots him, she has to start recording

A hilarious video giving a lot of people belly aches right now shows a man doing a common household chore with one unexpected obstacle. A perilously icy driveway that refuses to let him get to his own gate!

As the garbage truck makes its routine stop, a man in England goes down to put out the trash. Unfortunately, he didn’t bargain for the layer of ice covering his driveway. What usually takes a few minutes, turns into hilarious slapstick comedy material that lasts forever for the poor man!
It seems that he could make it up to a certain point before the natural incline and the smooth soles of his shoes worked against him. Repeatedly, he would get to that bit of ice and the trash can would start rolling backwards, taking its owner with it.
But the man didn’t give up. Every time he slid back to the start, he began the arduous trek again. His determination to get the trash out had his own family in splits.
His wife finally called out that maybe he should try pushing the can instead of pulling it behind him, but that just led to the best backward sliding yet!
Meanwhile, the garbage truck backed out of their alley and turned to go down the next lane! Even this couldn’t make the man surrender, and he kept on with his Sisyphean task.
Finally, around the fifth time he slid back down the driveway, it occurred to him to use the grass on the edge to get to the gate. This worked perfectly until he reached the gate, and then he had to sidle along the driveway to get to the part with the latch.
As he opened the gate with one hand, the trash can began rolling back down again, but this time, the man used the gate to hold on for dear life. He was pulled until he was nearly sitting on the road, but he refused to concede defeat.
After all that battling, he finally pulled the trash can through the gate and slammed it shut. He may not have caught up to the garbage truck that day, but he conclusively proved that persistence is the key to winning all wars. Even the ones against icy driveways and runaway trash cans!