Man spots puppy in danger & tries to save it’s life. But the method he uses—it’s unusual

This man leaped to the rescue when he spotted a small puppy floating in the water while fishing in Ben Tre Province, South Vietnam.

Hoang Minh brought the soaking wet pup ashore and tried almost everything to revive the newborn puppy. He patted the puppy dry, cleared its mouth with his fingers, held it upside down, and rubbed its belly to remove water from the puppy’s lungs.

When that failed to work, the 20-year-old fisherman ran into a house with dirt floors and found a plastic water bottle to use as a resuscitator. He cut off the top half, placed paper between the sharp end and the puppy’s face, and blew air into its mouth. After a few attempts, the puppy started whimpering and eventually rose to to its feet, shivering with cold.

While thankful for his heroic actions, some people on social media had wished Hoang Minh had held the dog to his chest to offer it comfort after the traumatizing experience.

“After taking the puppy from the water, I was very confused and just did what I did without thinking,” the young fisherman said. He added that he acted out of instinct

“I didn’t actually know the proper paramedic procedure.”

In a span of eight minutes, Hoang Minh managed to bring the puppy back to life.