Man tries to reduce tickets by making small talk, then Judge says he has to do the opposite

Municipal court judge Frank Caprio of Providence, Rhode Island sheds some fascinating light on the legal proceedings of day-to-day minor court cases through his courtroom television show, Caught in Providence.

The highly personable judge doesn’t give just anyone a break, but he’s made a name for himself as a fair, often forgiving peacekeeper in his community.

Unfortunately, he may be TOO fair sometimes!

When a man came in to discuss payments for a prior ticket, he attempted to make small talk with Caprio by letting him know that his sister babysat for the judge years ago.

The plan backfired, though, when Caprio told him that now he couldn’t give him a break, or it would appear to be bias— so they had to turn to the officer presiding over the courtroom to figure out just what to do.

If they didn’t play the case by the book, Caprio joked, he would have to recuse himself; although it was clear that the man had hoped the anecdote would bring a smile to the judge’s face, he certainly didn’t get the outcome he expected!

When the ticket situation was explained, though, the story took a turn—watch and see how things ended up!

Video Credit: Facebook | Caught in Providence

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