Ninja kitten launches ‘surprise attack’ on Doberman—when dog spots her, things get out of hand

Jessica Manning stumbled upon Sophie, a kitten that had been abandoned in a gas station restroom in British Columbia, Canada, and couldn’t turn her back.

Ms. Manning scooped up Sophie and brought her home to live with her and her dog Bishop, a Doberman Pinscher. She couldn’t stomach leaving the 2-week-old feline behind.

Dobermans are famously known for being excellent guard dogs. They are the “go to” dog for Hollywood and are featured in hundreds of movies. In the real world they are known to be alert, obedient and aggressive when they need to be. Luckily for Sophie her new housemate Bishop is a patient one.

In typical, unbelievably cute kitten fashion, Sophie tests her boundaries. Oblivious to any potential danger, she playfully “attacks” Bishop.

Due to it’s “cuteness overload” the video has amassed over 3.1 million views and 7 thousand likes online.

Hundreds of commenters felt compelled to chime in as well. Anthony Assadourian commented, “I am happy I am not allergic to cuteness because I would be dead right now.”

Another happy viewer, Dalila Selenator wrote, “OMG! The kitten is adorable. Little ninja 😉 ;-)”

With Bishop’s guidance and Ms. Manning’s kindness there is no doubt these two four legged roommates will quickly become family.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Barcroft TV