Owner notices home alarm was out. But what shows up on security camera—cops called

There is very little as terrifying as finding yourself alone in a house with a gunman breaking in. Things can go very wrong, very quickly. But thanks to luck, police action, and good security cameras, one Texas homeowner was able to avert tragedy and protect his home.

A man in Oak Cliff, Dallas was having a perfectly normal morning until his dogs started barking and he glanced at the CCTV screen displaying the front yard. He instantly noticed a man in a purple jacket creeping towards his house with the hoodie pulled suspiciously low on his face.

The man considered going out to confront the stranger, but something kept him watching. He saw the intruder crouch by a flower bed and pull out a brick from the lining. Then, getting up, the trespasser began to move stealthily towards the CCTV camera he’d spotted and pulled it down.

At this point, the homeowner decided to call the police. There was no way to know how the intruder would react to the presence of the owner in the house, or if things could get violent. He figured it was best to let the burglar think the house was empty until the officers arrived.

So, at the advice of the police, the man left his dogs in a closed room and got out the backdoor. He could still monitor the cameras in his home through his phone, and he watched as the intruder broke his front door open and entered the house.

At this point it became evident that the burglar had come prepared to find the homeowner in the residence. He pulled out a gun, and suddenly the situation became a lot more terrifying than before.

As the homeowner stood outside, hoping that his dogs were unharmed by the man, he finally saw a police car arrive in front of his house. Within moments, the Dallas PD officers walked in and apprehended the burglar. The man could be heard protesting that he’d done nothing, but the police handcuffed him and led him outside.

One officer patted him down, while the other left to search the area for an accomplice. Once the intruder was secured inside the car, the officers allowed the homeowner to go back into his house and check on his dogs. Thankfully, they were safe.

What could have turned into tragic burglary was saved by the good sense of the homeowner and the prompt actions of the Dallas Police Department! The homeowner even thanked the security camera companies for a job well done!

The gratitude is well deserved, and this footage is an excellent example of what to do when a crisis knocks on your door.