Pet parrot starts climbing up ladder, with ladder in his mouth—guess what he’s doing

Who doesn’t like decorating their home to their own taste? And if you have the beak to carry your own furniture, all the better!

A smart parrot is making people everywhere reconsider the meaning of “bird brain.” Allowed to roam freely in his owner’s home, he seems to have developed a passion for cage decor. If there’s a toy lying around that he wants, he gets down from his perch and fetches it up.

Which is how this incredible video got shot. This little guy wanted to add a mini-ladder to his cage. It was too heavy to fly it up to his home, so he decided to carry it with his beak.

This is harder than it sounds. Carrying a ladder sideways can be a difficult task that it often takes two people to figure out how to maneuver stairways and doors. And the route to this bird’s cage was fraught with many more obstacles!

He first had to climb up a larger ladder that led to the shelf where his cage was kept. Once he was on the shelf, he had to hop sideways, tiny ladder clamped in his mouth, to avoid banging into a second empty cage.

When he had to put it down for a moment to steady his balance, he was careful about picking the toy up in a way that gave him a better grip.

Finally, he had to think of a way to fit the ladder through the door of his cage. And here, he didn’t even hesitate. He just turned sideways and inserted the ladder into his cage.

The entire thing took the parrot about 30 seconds, surprising viewers with his efficiency! The commenters couldn’t stop talking about how clever the bird was.

But the truth is that birds are adaptive creatures. They build their intricate nests in the wild without the help of limbs and opposable thumbs. So, it’s only natural that they would bring the same inventiveness into their life with people.

The real brilliance is in parrot’s single-minded determination to get the ladder up to his cage. Even though he faces obstacles, he’s clearly experienced in finding solutions and doesn’t let anything deter him.

Now, that’s a bird worth admiring!