Poodle burned with acid shocks rescuers—but her incredible transformation will inspire you!

When the Southern California rescue and shelter Hope For Paws received the call about a stray poodle out in the desert town, about 2 hours east of Los Angeles, founder Eldad Hagar and volunteer Loreta Frankonyte immediately set out to rescue the dog.

They were told the poodle had ingested acid, which had resulted in horrible chemical burns on its mouth.

When they arrived at the rescue location, though, they were shocked. The dog smelled like she was rotting away, hundreds of flies swarmed her mouth, and she could hard eat—they were horrified.

Frankonyte gently placed the “Lucky Leash” around Alice and carried her to the Hope For Paws rescue vehicle. At the hospital, Alice received some desperately needed medical care and ultimately ended up having all of her teeth removed.

Just two months after being rescued, Alice was adopted by a very special and loving forever home. 

Source: ©Video Screenshot | www.Facebook.com/HopeForPawsCalifornia) | www.YouTube.com/Eldad75 | www.HopeForPaws.org