Rescued dog endures 12-hr labor. When she isn’t done after 10th pup, staff have a ‘heart attack’

It is not surprising to hear of big dogs giving birth to as many as eight puppies in one shot, but to hear a Chihuahua giving birth to more than eight puppies is shocking, especially for an experienced rescue group in Kansas.

When Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption received an outreach call to rescue a pack of Chihuahuas in Kansas City, they noticed one particular dog was pregnant and was about to go into labor any minute. The rescue group rushed to find the dog, named “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud) a foster home, according to the group’s Facebook post.

On National Puppy Day, which falls on March 23, LOL gave birth after a 12-hour labor, KCTV reported.

“One came out, one more came out—two, three and four more came out,” said Josie Brown, who is fostering the puppies. She was still round and obviously there were more puppies in there.”

Brown had been updating the rescue group of LOL’s labor.

“When we had about eight, we were like whoa she’s not done,” Danielle Reno of Unleashed Pet Rescue said.

They were quite shocked to hear the next update.

“And then we got an update that we were at 10 and we about had a heart attack,” Reno said.

She eventually gave birth to 11 puppies! And it was not what Brown had expected.

“The next day, after mom was all done and settled in with her brood, foster mom Josie got the puppies out to check genders,” the rescue group wrote. “When she ended up with 8 boys and 3 girls, she realized something didn’t add up!! She quickly recounted several times and realized she was indeed correct— “LOL” had 11 puppies!!!!!”

LOL might qualify for the Guinness World Records for breaking the world record for most Chihuahua pups, as the last Chihuahua gave birth to 10 puppies in 2011, though this has yet to be confirmed.

The healthy puppies will be ready for adoption in 10 weeks’ time.

Watch the video below:

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