Risky cliff rescue: owners call for help after finding pet husky in dangerous situation

This heart-pounding footage shows the rescue of a husky stuck on a rocky ledge. Watch as two men risk their safety to save a stranger’s pet.

Snark, a husky, went missing and her owners began searching for her. They noticed the horses were staring up at the cliff, and when the owners looked up, they saw Snark stuck on a ledge.

Upon seeing the dog, they immediately called Wild Spirit Rescue for help.

Two men from the organization arrived and set about to save the animal. They were careful not to scare the pooch out of concern the dog would fall off the edge.

The strong winds made it difficult for them to keep their footing and speak with one another, but they managed to reach the frightened dog. Snark was very wary of the men and didn’t immediately let them near her. But she finally did, and the trio made the ascent together.

Check out the fearless rescue in the video.

Video Credit: YouTube | Wolf Daddy Leyton Jay Cougar.

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