Ski-flyer avoids double avalanche by seconds

A ski-flyer has had a lucky escape after triggering a double avalanche on Della Mountain in Idaho, USA. In the video the man, Will Burks, lifts off with his parachute merely seconds before the avalanche starts behind him.

He then turns back, only to see a huge snow cloud forming at the bottom of the mountain, which then temporarily blocks the Big Wood River below.

Mr Burks said: “I was just so relieved to have escaped something that huge – looking down safe from the air it was just massive.

“The avalanche had just started when I began my run.

“Fortunately I managed to follow my line and take off just in time.

“Maybe I’ve found a new avalanche escape tool.”

The avalanche was classified a D2 level – meaning it was substantial enough to bury, injure or kill a person. The avalanche classification system ranges up to D5, which is capable of altering the landscape.

Watch the video at the top of this page to see the frightening moment the double avalanche takes place.