Social experiment: man kicks puppy in trash bag to raise awareness for animal cruelty

Every stranger that the man in this video encounters thinks he is hurting a little puppy inside a black garbage bag, but the surprise is revealed when he takes the wailing puppy out.

His actions are definitely questionable. He wants to sell the puppy he’s keeping inside a black garbage bag, but each time it cries, he kicks it or shakes the bag, violently yelling at the poor animal to stop making so much noise.

One stranger can’t believe his cruelty, and he decides that the best thing to do is buy the puppy and get it away from him immediately. In fact, even this stranger’s dog looks at the bag with distress.

Watch the video to see the condition of the poor pup inside. You won’t expect what it actually looks like.

Video Credit: Facebook | Julius Dein.

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