Stray dog wanders into yard and collapses. With a bit of love, his transformation is amazing

This heartwarming video shows the story of the rescue of a homeless dog that had wandered into a yard and promptly collapsed. Watch as rescuers give the injured pooch the care and attention it needed to get better.

Hope For Paws, a rescue organization based in Los Angeles, was called in to help a stray dog. It was clear to rescuers that the dog was suffering and could not walk, so they transported him to the hospital.

X-rays showed no broken bones, but Milo, named by the rescuers, had a serious infected puncture wound in his right shoulder caused by a bite.

Thanks to expert care and a bath, Milo was soon on the mend. Although Milo’s recovery took a long time, he remained warm and friendly.

Soon after, Milo was adopted into a forever home where his playful nature has given new life to the family’s senior dog.

Watch the video to see this happy ending to brighten up your day.

Video Credit: YouTube | Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel.

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