Teen thinks spine injury will make him a hunchback forever—but, Australia trip changes his life

When Mun injured his back while pulling out a tree root, his world came tumbling down. This video shows him walking with a severe stoop. But after the treatment of a kind doctor in Australia, it’s now hard to believe he’s even the same person!

Mun had been bedridden for three months after the accident. He was in relentless pain and had no feeling in one leg, making him unable to stand upright. The teen was in such misery that “he didn’t want to live anymore” and felt his hunched back was “so embarrassing.”

His family was also taking the strain. When a chiropractor in Australia was recommended to the family, they flew out as soon as they could.

With Mun having no feeling in his leg and severe spinal kyphosis, the chiropractor proceeded to carry out tests and began treatment.

After one hard knock to the lumbar area to make an “adjustment,” the pressure on Mun’s spine was relieved. Everyone felt there was a glimmer of hope for his recovery. The following sessions included neck adjustment and other chiropractic treatments on Mun’s spine—within days, his spine started healing.

Watch his complete recovery happen within 10 days. Everyone was completely overjoyed! As far as Mun is concerned, he now aspires to study chiropractic techniques just like Dr. Ian.