This cute puppy looks just like any other dog—but when he stands up, your heart will stop

A puppy born without front legs was thrown in the trash by its former owner and left to die. Thanks to a couple of passersby who rescued the poor pup in time, before passing him on to a rescue group, he’s now able to walk because of the prosthetic legs he’s been fitted with.

Two women happened to hear the helpless puppy’s cries as they walked by one day in 2017. The puppy was found squirming inside a tied bag from within a trash can. The ladies rescued the pup and handed him over to The Dog Rescuers group.

Joan Znidarec, president of the group, immediately took a liking to the pup and named him Cupid.

“His name is so appropriate in so many ways … Not only does he have a heart-shaped nose but he captures everybody’s hearts in seconds,” Znidarec told The Dodo.

Znidarec had a pair of prosthetic legs designed and made, which were later attached to Cupid’s front side to help the puppy walk.

Even though the pup hadn’t had any experience walking yet, he did succeed in taking a few steps and is slowly learning to walk like a normal dog.

Znidarec plans to hand him over to a good owner once he’s fully recovered.

“We’re looking for a perfect fit for him, someone who obviously understands his needs … He’s going to have a happy little life,” Znidarec told CBC News, adding that the group will support the pup and the new owner in every way they can.

Considering what the puppy has been through, a loving owner is really what Cupid needs to have a better life.

Just look at those puppy-dog eyes. How could anyone say no?

Watch the video here:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | CBC News.

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