Toddler was born with no arms and legs, but watch how he takes his first steps

Christmas came early for this family when their four-year-old son Camden walked for the very first time. Camden was born without arms or legs and despite being as independent and playful as any other toddler, he had never walked on his own before. But a few weeks ago while the Whiddon family was decorating the Christmas tree in their Denton, Texas home, Camden’s dad placed his son gently on the floor and encouraged him to take his first steps.

For Camden, it was uncharted territory and the little boy felt vulnerable and nervous. But after his father demonstrated how he needed to move one hip at a time and patiently waited for his son with open arms, Camden wiggled toward his father in his white-and-red-striped onesie.

“I’m coming to you,” the excited little tot says in the video his mother captured. “I’m walking!”

His three-year-old sister Ryleigh was ecstatic when she saw him walk toward their dad and started jumping up and down. His mother Katie Danielle Whiddon shared the precious moment on Facebook with a caption that read: “I’ve been looking forward to this moment for the past 4 years and it finally happened!”

“Then Camden did it on his own! I was so over come with emotion and pride for my strong boy that all I could do was cry and tell him how proud I was. Capturing this special milestone on camera has been a great blessing because we can continue to show the world how capable Camden is. Nothing will stop him,” the mother of three added.

The entire family, including Camden, was overwhelmed with joy and pride at the special milestone.

It wasn’t the first time his mom captured a precious moment of her son. When Camden was three, a video of the toddler went viral when he helped soothe his crying baby brother Jaxton by wiggling toward him and lifting a pacifier to his mouth with his shortened arm.