Tourist in Japan tries feeding deer in a park—then deer demonstrates traditional Japanese custom

Japan is a truly mystical and wondrous place with an ancient culture that has transitioned almost seamlessly into the modern era. With such a rich cultural heritage, the island nation has projected its culture out into the world in amazing ways. But when one man visited a Japanese park, he found out that the cultural customs transcend not just borders, but also species!

The hilarious interaction is all caught on camera when the tourist, Daniel Speight, was visiting Nara Deer Park, south of Kyoto from the UK when he came across the most polite deer he had ever met.

While in the park, Speight came across the deer, and was shocked when, in typical Japanese fashion, the deer seemed to exhibit manners lost on most humans by repeatedly bowing its head in exchange for food! The man, likely not wanting to look rude in front of the deer, bowed back and offered it some more food.

This deer is either a testament to the enduring strength of traditional Japanese culture, which values respect and honor, or is keen on duping tourists out of their food with a simple trick it picked up in its life at the popular park. Either way, we are glad the amazing interaction was caught on camera!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Caters