Woman rushes puppy to police station after he stops breathing. But what happens next—I can’t look

The goal of a police force is to fight crime and keep peace and order in a city or town, no matter what the arising problems may be.

While we may picture the tasks that achieve that to be things like showdowns with burglars and quick arrests of hardened criminals, though, police work can often involve nothing more than saving an innocent life—and as this incredible video from the North Reading Police Department in Massachusetts shows, those lives don’t always have to be human!

Security footage at the police station shows the quick, brave actions of both police officers and firefights alike as they rush to help a frantic woman and her significant other, who hurried into the station in a panic when their dog stopped breathing.

Just nine weeks old, the Saint Bernard had started to choke, and his obstructed airway left him completely unresponsive.

Knowing they had little time, the officers begin to do chest compressions on the puppy’s back, hoping to clear the airway.

Heartbroken when initial efforts seem futile, the woman who brought the puppy in is clearly completely devastated.

Luckily for her, though, the first responders aren’t about to back down easily. They continue their relentless chest compressions as additional workers come in to assist, refusing to give up as the clock keeps ticking.

Finally, the obstruction is free! Watch and see just how relieved everyone is by the resolution of the situation; although the officers didn’t take a criminal off the streets, they still managed to save a life.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Nameless Pop